Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wats the best name and the funiesst name?

jake robertson/ryan sadler/peter petrou/charlie osbourne/mark wadswarth/karol kolecava
Wats the best name and the funiesst name?
best - jake roberts...its normal

funniest - mark wadsworth :L
Wats the best name and the funiesst name?
charlie osbourne is best.

karol kolecava is funniest.

even funnier is %26#039; mike hunt%26#039; ;)
Reply:charlie osbourne
Reply:Dick Hertz

Mr. Sniffles Mc Gee
Reply:best: jake roberts

worstt: karol kolecava

(its funnyy lol)

Has anyone ever tried?

Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream? Did it work? pros and cons? Thanks
Has anyone ever tried?
Yup, love it. It can sting a little if the cracks are really deep, but other than that - no problems at all. I put it on, wear light socks and go to bed. My heels were totally smooth after about a week (maybe less)

Hope this helps!
Has anyone ever tried?
Reply:The inside of a banana skin rubbed on the heels also works because of the potassium
Reply:It%26#039;s awesome stuff! It%26#039;s very greasy and heavy so I%26#039;d recommend using it before bed and wearing cotton socks. It REALLY works though and very quickly.

Clothing line similar to affliction?

clothing line similar to affliction and xtreme couture

My friends told me i have put on some weight...?

my friends say i%26#039;ve gotten chubby but i used to be really skinny, like stick thin and i think now i dont look fat just maybe muscular, what do you think, do i need to lose some weight?
My friends told me i have put on some weight...?
your not chubby at all, your still really thin but like nice thin not too thin... if that makes sense haha
My friends told me i have put on some weight...?
they%26#039;re not your friends if they%26#039;ve told you you%26#039;ve got %26#039;chubby%26#039;. you%26#039;ve got a really nice figure.
Reply:I think you look good. But the most important thing is if you think it. Don%26#039;t worry what your friends think..
Reply:no... darling i don%26#039;t think u should lose any more weight

even i think ...u should do yoga

so that ur mind n body can be cool.

don%26#039;t go on ur frnd
Reply:i dont think that your chubby, your one of those people who are thin but a nice thin, i wouldnt pay any attention to your friends
Reply:Absolutely not. In fact you look athletic. I think some people are trying to use psychology and head games to make you feel less than attractive.
Reply:You%26#039;re OK, right now, but if you lose weight you%26#039;ll look like a scarecrow.
Reply:i think you have a good weight.
Reply:ewww u fat **** lose that **** now or syphon it out or something.

no i got it

step 1. get two fingers

step2. put them in ur mouth

step 3. shove them down you throat

step 4. kill yourself
Reply:Nooooo. Thats like me. I think you don%26#039;t need to lose some weight because if you do, then you%26#039;ll look too skinny. Looking too skinny isn%26#039;t that great. Be proud that you have that body! Other ppl aren%26#039;t like fortunate enough! lol
Reply:OMG how could they say that. They must be very insecure themselves. You have a amaziiing figure. How do you keep it so skinny? Don%26#039;t lose any weight seriously. Your so skinny its perfect. How much do you weigh? Don%26#039;t listen to them your fine the way you are.

Hope i could help =]
Reply:wow thats pretty harsh becuase your very skinnny!!
Reply:nah your skinny. now help mee!;... Thanks good luck!
Reply:no!! your friends are just jealous you look fine.

Do i have eyes like those of cats or of humans??
Do i have eyes like those of cats or of humans??
yes, you do have what we call cat%26#039;s eyes, but they are still human (unless there%26#039;s something you%26#039;re not sharing)
Do i have eyes like those of cats or of humans??
awww how pretty like a human =D

its human
Reply:i cant even see your eyes...but dude your hott!!!!!!
Reply:they are human eyes ..dont worry its scientifically impossible for u to have cat eyes...
Reply:they do look like those of a cat but i think they are cool
Reply:well.. i think ur eyes r like human only

but u had this thought because its quiet long like cats
Reply:you are a human lol you definately have human eyes.
Reply:They look like a pair of cat eyes. Maybe calico..
Reply:Haha, humans forsure! =)
Reply:You answer this....

have your eyes rejuvanated from many deadly injuries.....

I mean they say cats have nine lives.... so even when they die they come back alive after smtime... for about nine times....

So if your eyes are behaving tht way....

Dude... !!! your lucky....

may be you are a lucky Dog...!!!

having cat eyes...;)

Why do people NOT like to shower?

Or bathe, or clean themselves in any shape or form?

People just walking around dirty, or stinking like sh*t (literaly.)

Discusting. I dont know what goes around some peoples minds to not actually want to shower or clean themselves.

How would I look like with bleached white hair?

Here%26#039;s a pic..

%26lt;a href=%26quot; target=%26quot;_blank%26quot;%26gt;%26lt;img src=%26quot; border=%26quot;0%26quot; alt=%26quot;Photobucket%26quot;%26gt;%26lt;/a%26gt;

Please help me out, I want a new look. And if you have any suggestions feel free to express.
How would I look like with bleached white hair?
anyone would look weird wit that bro
How would I look like with bleached white hair?
Get a better link.
Reply:not work
Reply:Sorry, but neither link works.
Reply:You will totally suit it. Make your hair white AND spikey it will look totally awsome
Reply:That link says that your photo has been moved or deleted. So my answer would be that it would look stupid.
Reply:link doesnt work. but i can tell you white hair isnt attractive on ANYONE
Reply:go for it!! you%26#039;ll regert it if you dont